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Baby Boomer Articles - Family and Friends Family and Friends
Nothing is more important to Baby Boomers than family and friends, and spending time with them. Here's a resource for everyone you care about: children, parents, grandchildren, friends and other interesting people.

Caregiver's Guide to Dementia
Help is on the way
Share Family History with Grandchildren
New picture book shows the way.
Love Locks Trend Grows
Expressions of Love.
My Ten Year Cancer Journey
Things the writer has learned.
Favorite Children's Books
Are yours here?
Beatrice and the Snow People

A lovely addition to a child's bookshelf.

Writing for College and Beyond
You need this book!
Your Favorite Children's Books
Please share.
Story Telling:
Cure for the winter blues.
Having Sweet Memories
with your grandchildren.
Ghosts: Five Things You Don't Know
and want to.
Fun Times with Grandkids
There's still time! 
1940s' Census Reveals,
confirms, memories. 
Mom Has New Freedom
to get around.
Your Family's Roots
Helping with genealogy search.
Don't Stop Making Plans
when loved one is dying.
Re-Enactors Bring History
to Life.
Secret Agent L Spreads Kindness
Be Kind. No Exceptions.
CindyStock Raises Money
for Cancer Patients.
Living with Illness, Grief
There is hope.
Technology: Good, Bad. . .
. . .or Ugly?
29 Gifts Author
Thankful for Abundance
Feng Shui Your Wedding
Hints to make it perfect.
Moving Boys' Bedrooms
Good-bye, kids' wallpaper.
Visiting with Old Friends
Very sweet.
Hearing Mother's Voice after 31 Years
Expert Tips for Wedding Days
Make it a perfect day.
Grandchildren Fun
Keeping busy!
Write Your Family History
Or have writer do it for you.
Be a Mentor
Young people need us.
On the Empty Nest
Time for them to go.
Are Christmas, Holiday Cards Obsolete?
Been replaced by FaceBook, Twitter?
Visiting Paris
Ou La La!
Weddings and Life
A milestone for our family.
Still Missing Her Father
One year later.
Following Your Dreams
Enjoying the Journey, too.
Adult Day Care
An option for your loved ones.
Gifts for Grandchildren
Some unique ideas.
Hallie Ephron on Her Latest Mystery
Author speaks at Pittsburgh bookshop.
Self Portrait of Me
An interesting experience.
WWII Radio Heroes
Letters to families at home.
Seniors Want to Stay at Home
Baby Boomer children agree.
Dealing with Hospital Waiting Rooms
Make a stressful time less so.
Grandparent's Day Gifts
Ideas for long-distance families.
Family Reunion Time
A summertime ritual.
A Chat with Author Nancy Martin
About her writing success.
For Father's Day
Remembering Grandpa.
Sinatra Stamp Available
Just in Time.
Keeping Cats Indoors
Safer for cats and birds?
Begin your Lifestory Writing
Tips to get you started.
When long-Time Neighbors Move
Saying good-bye after 15 years is hard. 
Be Ahead of Your Time
Start End-of-Life Planning.
Bulldog a Favorite
Back in the Top Ten.
Steelers Mel Blount
Still "Supe" after all these years.
Keeping Grandchildren Safe. . .
. . .when they come to visit.
Happy Boxing Day
Another reason to celebrate.
Feng Shui for the Holidays?
Taking Care of Mom and Dad
Websites to turn for help.
Take Teddy Along to Visit National Parks
New book makes visitng fun for children.
Baby Boomers Face Grief
A subject we all avoid.
Nicknames for Grandparents
Some interesting suggestions.
Widow Words Can Help
A new book to ease grief.
Puppies and New Babies
With planning, it can work.
Homemade Ice Cream
A chilly delight growing up.
Class of 2007: Congratulations
Best wishes to grads from one mom.
Good-Bye Bob Barker. Hello?
The game show host retires.
Emergency phone numbers
Program ICE on your cell now.
Shirely Temple: Early Role Model
Long before Paris Hilton.
A New Grandchild on the Way?
It's time to get ready.
Diary of a Cancer Survivor
Part One.
Diary of a Cancer Survivor
Part Two.
Diary of a Cancer Survivor
Part Three.
Helping Grandparents Stay Connected...
...with their grandchildren.
How NOT to Choose a College
Some help for you and your child.
Extending the Holiday Season
It's not what you think.
A Not So Happy Canadian Thanksgiving
But with an unusual result.
Eleanor Schano and her TV Career
Eleanor looks back on five decades of TV in her new book.
Differences among Generations
How do different generations react to stressful situations?
Surviving the College Move
Parents take heed: There is help out there.
Empty Nest Syndrome, Oh My!!
Thoughts on Empty Nest Syndrome.
One of the Good Guys
A writer remembers her mentor and favorite professor.
Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage
Are there tips to staying married for more than 50 years?
Baby Einstein and Friends
These videos that remind Boomers of lava lamps are way cool.
Geriatric Care Managers Can Help
Finding help when you need it the most.
Mom, Daughter Play Hockey Together
"If I can do this, I can do anything."
Preserving Lullabies with Young Children
I can remember having a copy of “Favorite Nursery Songs” when I was a child.
Frank Sinatra�s Voice is Still Everywhere
"The best revenge is massive success."
Family time
One of our parish priests lectured about how important family is.

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