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Nothing is more important to Baby Boomers than family and friends, and spending time with them. Here's a resource for everyone you care about: children, parents, grandchildren, friends and other interesting people.

Surviving the College Move

If you had a child heading off to college this fall, do yourself a favor and check out When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parent’s Survival Guide by Carol Barkin.

Other choices include:

~~ Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years by Helen E. Johnson

~~ You're On Your Own (But I'm Here if You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years by Marjorie Savage

~~ Been There, Should've Done That II: More Tips for Making the Most of College by Suzette Tyler

~~ Almost Grown: Launching Your Child from High School to College by Patricia Pasick

~~ Navigating Your Freshman Year (Students Helping Students series) by Allison Lombardo

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