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Feng Shui for the Holidays?

Decorate early and take down late! Light up your life -- your way. This is a perfect time to increase the energy of your home with little effort. You are already decorating. Why not make it work for you?


Start your holiday decorating at the main entrance of your home, the front doorway. This brings new chi (energy) to everyone in the home. Start with a new holiday welcome mat, greeting your visitors and welcoming them into your home. Add a beautiful wreath with some aromatherapy on it like cinnamon sticks or some other fragrance that makes you think of the holidays. Continue on with your doorbell if you can change it to a “holiday” tone.


As you move into the home, change the rug in the entrance way to

reflect the holiday colors. If you really want to make this a significant change,place Chinese coins underneath the rug. They are is symbolic of prosperity and wealth coming in your front door.


If security is a concern, place lions or Chinese foo dogs at your

front entrance, facing out. They serve as protection for you and your home. Many mansions and art institutes feature them out front as they “protect” their fabulous art for all of us.  


If you are placing a Christmas tree in your home, place it in an area of your life that you want to highlight. The tree is very big energy so be sure and place it in an area that you want spotlighted or highlighted. I place mine utilizing the Chinese Bagua (map of Feng Shui. click here to see a copy of the map) in the “Helpful People” area of my home. This area is located in the southwest position of a room. (This is directional southwest and not identified with a compass.) We always need helpful people to assist us in our daily life.


If you want to spotlight your career, place the tree in the southern section of a room. Now, on the other hand, if your job is out of control and you can’t keep up with the work, do not place the tree in the “Career” area as it will only make matters worse. Your goal in that section should be to calm down that area of your home and not to place any big decorations there.


As you decorate your tree, use only the ornaments that you really like. If

you find you don’t like the tree décor anymore, make it a plan to shop after Christmas for a new theme for your tree. Do the same thing as you decorate the rest of your home, only using or placing items you really like and that give you pleasure when you look at them.


If you are really into the décor of your home, also change the artwork to

reflect the season. Choose bright colors and happy people and beautiful

holiday themes.


When you are storing the gifts you’ve bought or made, place them in a particular area that will also support you. I have mine in my “Wealth “area of my home, the northwest section of a room.  


Candles are used a lot for the holidays. Since they are considered a fire element, you should use them appropriately because they will increase energy in the area where you place them. Think of what is going on in your life and where you need more support. Is it the “Creativity” part of your life? Then place the candles in that area, in the eastern part of a room.


Create new seating areas in your home for the holidays, maybe in a section of a room that is not used for that purpose during the year.


The holidays are a great time to lift the energy in your home to support your family. So this year look at your home with your “Feng Shui Eyes” and make a difference in the lives of you and those you love.


By Yvonne, Phillips, FSII


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