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Seniors Want to Stay at Home

Senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and the loss of their independence far more than death. Eighty-nine percent of America’s seniors want to age-in-place and are willing to use adaptive technology allowing them to maintain their independence, according to a recent study commissioned by Clarity and the EAR Foundation.

The study found that their Baby Boomer children share the same concerns and are willing to support their parents’ efforts.

In a recent survey, seniors rated loss of independence (26 percent) and moving out of their home into a nursing home (13 percent) as their greatest fears. Death was listed as a fear by only three percent of the respondents questioned for the research study, Aging in Place in America.

“These findings tell us that, above all else, older Americans value their ability to live independently,” notes Peter Bell, president of National Aging in Place Council.

Seniors cited three main threats to their independence. Health problems were the main consideration followed closely by memory problems and the inability to drive. Most seniors surveyed viewed themselves as extremely independent due to the fact that they receive no assistance from their children and are very content with that reality.

Most seniors reported that they are interested in new technologies that help them avoid nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
Source: www.senior-spectrum.com



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