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Nothing is more important to Baby Boomers than family and friends, and spending time with them. Here's a resource for everyone you care about: children, parents, grandchildren, friends and other interesting people.

Grandchildren Fun

Grandparents: Have you ever been asked to spend time with your grandchildren only to realize that you need something easy and fun to do together? And you need that creative idea right now?


For help, look no further than the new Busy Bees blog created by a young mother for all the moms, dads, grandparents and others out there who are fortunate enough to have quality time to spend with young children.


Veronica Adams, the creator of the blog, is also the creative genius behind  Polkadot Bumblebees, an online source for custom photo cards and stationary including birth announcements, invitations and more.


All of the ideas posted on the Busy Bees blog have been tried out by Veronica, who does at least one creative activity every day with her children. That alone makes her unique! Remembering back to when my boys were little, taking a shower was often the only real accomplishment I had all day. Pulling out craft items or the ingredients for a new recipe would have been way beyond me at the time, but not for Veronica. 


"I designed the blog primarily for other moms of young children," she says. "A few of my friends had asked me for ideas to do with their kids over the holidays or during all of these days that we were cooped up with the large snow fall. I had been thinking for a while about starting a blog, and that is what motivated me to finally do it!


"Since I started the blog, I’ve heard feedback from those same moms. It turns out that they are sharing the blog and  activity ideas with the caretakers for their young children, which are often the grandparents."


She took time out from her busy schedule as the mom of two beautiful daughters to answer a few questions about her blog, where her ideas come from and how she embraces the concept of being "green" by using what's at hand to create with her children.


BT!: Where do all of your creative ideas come from?


Veronica: My ideas for activities, recipes and crafts come from a variety of sources:  other mommy blogs, parenting magazines and educational websites. Often times, however, I will come up with an idea on my own and figure out a way to do it with the items that I already have in my craft stash. I think of it as a challenge to always come up with something new for us to do!


My ideas are pretty simple and don’t require a lot of materials. Most of them can be accomplished in under a half an hour too!


I love to show my daughter that out of very little, you can create something. Taking a pair of knee socks, and turning them into adorable leg warmers or making a tutu from some leftover tulle and a piece of ribbon. I also see the pride that she has showing off one of her handmade creations or offering it up for “sale” in her gallery.


We also love to create handmade gifts. Taking the time to create something for somebody else like simple heart potato print note cards shows her that some of the best gifts can’t be found in a store and are as unique and original as she is.



BT!:  Where do you see the new blog going? Will you be developing products crafts/recipes that are posted there? Or is more of a informational kind of thing?


Veronica: I would love for my blog to be a place where I can showcase simple projects that are not only educational and adorable, but wonderful keepsakes and memory building. If a young mother is wondering what to do on a rainy day, I hope that she remembers my blog and logs on to see what we’ve been up to!  I also plan to print my blog as a book for my daughters so that one day they can see what they were up to and maybe even recreate some of the activities with their own children.


I have plans to offer many more free printables such as play date cards, coupons, stationery etc. that the blog readers can print themselves at home.


Plans are in the works to promote other businesses run by young mothers in the form of giveaways as well. You’ll also be seeing a few guest contributors. I want to keep the information fresh and fun so that readers come back again and again.


BT!: What types of blogs are out there for young moms/grandparents? How have you designed yours so that it is different from the others?


Veronica: There are thousands of mommy blogs out there and while I enjoy checking in with my favorite ones; I sometimes have to sift through dozens of the personal stories and anecdotes that they share to get to the activity ideas that I‘m after. My plan for this blog is to limit the personal narrative and simply offer project ideas that will hopefully enrich the reader’s one on time with their children or grandchildren


For more information, visit Veronica's website and blog.


By Teresa K. Flatlety



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