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Writing for College and Beyond

I remember 'lo those many years ago when I went to the University of Pittsburgh to study writing. I struggled freshman year with the required writing classes and then again later on with all of that "creative non-fiction" craziness that was going on then and is now an accepted genre unto itself.

Needless to say I could have used the new book entitled Writing for College written by our friend, Gary Boyer. Gary has been involved with helping college students solve their writing problems and improve their writing for a while now, and took to heart a suggestion that he should gather his advice into book form.

The result is a handy guide divided into 77 short, easy to follow chapters containing one helpful tip each. So you can either read them all at once, or check out the particular tip that helps to solve your current problem.

This book would be a great aid for anyone involved in the writing trade. Who can't use a little remedial study such as choosing when to use affect, not effect or I.e. or E.g. (I didn't have a clue on this last one).

For more information on the book, which I recommend to students, parents and grandparents alike, http://www.lulu.com/shop/gary-boyer/writing-for-college/paperback/product-21077835.html

Gary writes, giving a little insight into the book:

Like students everywhere, many Keuka College (where Gary works)students struggle with writing.  In our Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP), this struggle is aggravated by the same forces that challenge all working adults in school -- especially in accelerated programs:  many of them have been out of college for 10, 15, 20 or more years -- their college writing skills are at best rusty; they have become oriented to writing for work, a very different skill set and one not all that conducive to success in college.  And in an accelerated program, nearly all assessment of student learning is done through writing and oral presentation -- the pressure is on, and there’s no time to ease into it. 


In July of 2010, I was fortunate enough to be asked to fill the new position of ASAP Academic Skills Counselor, with the mandate to address these challenges and to provide writing assistance to some 900 students in 7 degree programs (undergraduate Social Work, Nursing, Criminal Justice, and Management; and graduate Nursing, Management, and Criminal Justice).

One of the first steps I took in that role was to initiate a weekly writing tip that is sent via email blast to all ASAP students, faculty, and staff every Monday morning.

The series, titled Wordworks, has a threefold mission:

1.  to provide real advice that can improve student writing immediately

2.  to proactively reach out to students, rather than simply waiting for them to call, and

3.  to publicize the fact that we have a Writing Support Center.

Wordworks has, I am happy to report, been well received.  Several readers have asked whether the series could be published in book form.  So here it is.

Gary's Bio:

My current “day job” is Program Administrator, Business and Management at the Keuka College Center for Professional Studies, Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP).  I am also a faculty member, serving as an Instructor of English in the Humanities Division.  I serve on the Keuka College Writing Assessment Committee.  A few years ago, I founded the ASAP Writing Support Center --  providing support and assistance to students in all ASAP programs.

I spent much of my early professional career as an advertising, public relations, and marketing professional.  Working with several marketing communications agencies in Syracuse and Rochester and as an independent consultant, I designed and executed marketing communications programs for a variety of corporate clients as well as academic and community-based organizations.

I received my MA from Syracuse University and my BA from Gannon University.  I live near Auburn with my wife and our assorted pets. I am an avid and long-term SU basketball fan.  Every chance I get, I visit my daughter and her husband in North Carolina, enjoying their horses, pets, friends, and the NC climate.

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