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Baby Boomer Articles - Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
No previous generation has been as focused on health and wellness as Baby Boomers. This section is devoted to helping you stay healthy and fit, while also making sense of the information overload.
May National Fitness Month
Let's have some fun!
PA Program Reduces Fall Risk
for Older Adults
Avoid Flu This Winter
Tips to Stay Healthy.
Working out in Cold
Here's some help.
Type 2 Diabetes Realties
Debunking Old Dogmas
Stay Healthy This Winter
Follow these tips.
First Steps to Being Fit
It's easier than you think.
Physical Therapy: Now, not Later
No time like the present.
Tips to Avoid Alzheimer's
Starting today.
Color Code Your Veggies
Tips to get them into your diet.
Avoid Weight Gain
as we Age.
More Tips to Sleeping Better
The help you need.
Sleep Better Tonight
Some Feng Shui Tips.
Don't Look for Stress
Save yourself some grief.
Dark Chocolate's Sweet Science
Just in time for Val. Day
Feng Shui App fun. . .
. . .and helpful.
Walking a Labyrinth
Path to understanding.
A Cancer Survivor Speaks Out
Six years later...
What Kind of Walker Are You?
Here's how to find out.
Brain Aerobics
Improve your memory.
Taking Care of Your Hands
Follow these simple tips.
Get Moving Today
Here's how.
Improve Your Memory
Do some "brain aerobics".
Traveling Overseas Soon?
Check out health travel information first.
Keeping Tabs on Your Medications
We all need to pay attention.
Avoiding Macular Degeneration
Keep your eyes healthy.
Staying Healthy and Safe
Tips for a great 2009.
Worry Less with Worry Stones
This ancient habit works.
Alzheimer Study Results Released
IDs plaques in adults with no symptoms.
Meditation for Baby Boomers
Simple steps anyone can do.
Watch Your B Vitamins
And have a healthier winter.
Stay Active This Winter
Here's how.
Feng Shui Your Front Door
Choose colors from these options.
Free Skin Cancer Screenings
Coming to your town.
Feng Shui Your Bedroom
And sleep better.
Vinegar May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
Just a little will do.
Easy Formula for Transformation
Making a decision to change.
Prevent Glaucoma
Take good care of your eyes.
Everything Matters, Nothing Matters
A new book for women by a talented writer.
Clean Eating
Is this the answer?
Exercise Your Mind, too
Some quick tips to keep you limber.
Suffer from Back Pain?
Try meditation to help.
Boomercizing. . .
. . .in the San Francisco area.
Why Motivation Maulfunctions
Some ideas to help.
What Would Howie Mandel Do?
Protect against germs.
Attitude about Aging...
...Key to Happiness
Boomers Talk a Good Game. . .
. . .but don't always follow through on heatlh issues.
Impact Sports = Stronger Bones
Senior athletes prove it.
Beware of High Calories in Beverages
What's in your drink?
Vitreous Detachments
Better known as floaters.
Defeat Jet Lag
Dried cherries will help.
Eat Seasonally...
...for health
100 Calories of Freedom
It's easier now to limit our snacks.
Alternative Medicine
Opening the doors to health.
Granola Bar Cereal
Crunchy but good.
Should You Seek Professional Psychological Help?
Here's how to know.
Don't know what to eat? This Baby Boomer site can help.
Be Seen (Safely) at Night
RoadID products keep you safe.
Laugh Yourself Healthier
It really works.
Do You Fidget a Lot?
It's a good thing.
Hurry: Check Radon Levels in Your Home
You may be surprised at what you find.
Think Snowshoeing!
Step out and enjoy winter more.
An Apple a Day...
...can keep you healthy.
Stressed out Boomers
How to put out your own fire.
Pickleball is Hot
A relatively new game popular with all ages.
Interested in Bicycling?
Some tips to get you started.
Camping 101
Here's what you need to get started on a trip to the Great Outdoors.
Health is in The Small Things
We always knew it, so let's begin.
Playing Above P.A.R. Mentally
Mental concentration can help your golf game.
Helmets and Safety
Don't let children ride without a helmet.
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
The one-day 35 mile Rachel Carson Challenge brings pain, joy and memories.
Walk or Ride? Golfers Take Note
Which is more beneficial, walking or riding?
Calendula: The Greatest Healing Agent
Taken from the marigold family, Calendula heals.
Building Strong Bones for Women
Tips on keeping your bones strong.
Golfers Need to Stretch, too
Improve your game: Stretch a little before you play.
Keeping Kids Fit
Tips on keeping your children fit and healthy.
Watch Your Feet
Stay injury free when you run/walk by avoiding certain surfaces.
Athletic Shoes the way to go
Stay upright with athletic shoes.
If Katie Couric can do it�
If you've been to the doctor recently...
Healthy Aging
I’m sure you receive a zillion emails touting ways to reverse the effects of aging.

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