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Baby Boomer Articles - Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
No previous generation has been as focused on health and wellness as Baby Boomers. This section is devoted to helping you stay healthy and fit, while also making sense of the information overload.
Walk or Ride? Golfers Take Note

Golf is not only about socializing with your friends, but actually can serve as a valuable way to improve physical fitness, assuming golfers don’t ride in the cart for the entire round. 


“Walking while playing golf can be a tremendous benefit to overall fitness by improving aerobic capacity. We recently examined the metabolic demands of walking versus riding and discovered that walking can increase your heart rate to levels that meet nationally recognized guidelines for aerobic exercise,” according to Joseph Myers, Ph.D., A.T.C., who is an assistant professor in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine department of orthopedic surgery and associate director of Pitt’s Neuromuscular Research Laboratory.




“However, these benefits need to be balanced with the potential problems associated with walking long distances, including joint pain, potential heat-related issues and inability to handle the increased physiological demands of walking. We don’t recommend carrying golf clubs � use a pull cart instead. And golfers should consult their physicians to determine if it is safe to walk nine or 18 holes,” Dr. Myers stressed.


By Teresa K. Flatley



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