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Baby Boomer Articles - Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
No previous generation has been as focused on health and wellness as Baby Boomers. This section is devoted to helping you stay healthy and fit, while also making sense of the information overload.
Exercise Your Mind, too

We read a lot about putting our bodies through its paces every day to improve our health. The same can be said for our minds. Our gray matter needs to be exercised too, so here are a few quick tips to make certain your brain functions at top capacity for a very long time.


  • Spend time with others. Meeting a friend for coffee or having lunch with a colleague for lunch, chatting on the phone or visiting with a neighbor at your mailbox will help enhance your abilities to solve problems, and to think clearly and creatively. Also, be sure to listen carefully to what others are saying. The result may be that your brain’s synapses are primed to come up with a great new idea for you to pursue.


  • If you come up with that terrific new idea for a widget that will change the world, jot it down. This is especially important when the idea comes to you just before you nod off to sleep or as you awaken in the morning. Invest in a pen that lights up so you can see what you are writing in the dark and will be able to read your idea in the light of day.


  • It probably goes without saying, but we have to keep learning. Learning something new every day is a great way to keep our craniums healthy. Take a class, study a new language, play word games, or read about a subject that you don’t know anything about (astrophysics?) and you will be doing yourself a big favor. Also, after you accomplish that, spend some time every day studying things in your own field so that you are constantly improving your skills and how you deal with the day-to-day.


  • Pay attention to how you do routine tasks. Consider initiating a new “system” for the way you pay your bills or deal with your mail. Any creative idea will help your thoughts stay fluid.


Note: Some information provided by www.personalbest.com.


By Teresa K. Flatley



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