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No previous generation has been as focused on health and wellness as Baby Boomers. This section is devoted to helping you stay healthy and fit, while also making sense of the information overload.
Easy Formula for Transformation

Are you the type of person who goes to a workshop, gets all revved up and exhilarated by what you heard, leave thinking that this is the motivation you needed and then do nothing about it, getting on with your life the way you always have?


Well, now it's time to change all that. What's the point of hearing something new, liking what you hear and then discounting it because you can't or won't apply it? I'm talking about creating a lifetime transformation, where you stop being at the crossroads and start making a definitive decision to change.


Your transformation is determined by three things:


1. What you already know

2. What you already believe

3. What you are ready to do


Think about this. If you know you need to focus on staying positive and not dwelling on the negative, but you believe that’s not possible, then you're not ready to make a change. On the other hand, if you know that positive attracts positive and you honestly believe that, then following through is feasible.


People change all the time. How do they do that? Do they need a crisis to bring awareness to themselves and their behaviors? Some do, but many don't.


What about you? Do you have to get cancer to finally stop smoking? Or do you have to be in debt to finally budget and save for your financial future?  Today is the time to take action.


This takes courage and a commitment. Mark Twain said, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it." Don't be afraid to take another road, making small, subtle changes in your ordinary behavior. So, you've heard all this before. But why can't you do it?


Maybe it's because you haven't let go of your inhibitions, fears and self-defeating thoughts that are holding you back, telling you that you are unable and not deserving. To trust that there is another way to think about things -- a way that would make you feel better and more in control -- is very freeing and encouraging. I suggest you try it and see how it feels. If it doesn't make you feel better, then go back to the way things were. But if it works, you are on your way to making a personal transformation that continues to open up further successes and vast opportunities.


By Amy Sherman, LMCH




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