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No previous generation has been as focused on health and wellness as Baby Boomers. This section is devoted to helping you stay healthy and fit, while also making sense of the information overload.
Walking a Labyrinth


At first glance, labyrinth would seem to mean a puzzle or maze you can't figure out. Not so, according to Cuong Doan, a massage therapist who has hand-painted the walking path in rainbow colors near his office. The labyrinth created by Cuong is a safe and comfortable spot to relax and find the inner you and is located outside his studio in the Orion Generations Wellness Center, 4361 William Flynn Highway in Allison Park, PA.

After painting the permanent labyrinth, he added two tree stumps: one for sitting and one which is home to summer flowers. Anyone passing by can stop and walk the labyrinth, or just sit for a moment to contemplate life as it comes.

According to Cuong, labyrinths have been used since prehistoric times for prayer and meditation. "The triple intertwined spiral design allows the walker of the labyrinth to contemplate the twists and turns of one's life and to guide you to your center in a meaningful journey."

Even though after looking at the painted symbols at first you might think you will get lost, or have to take a wrong step to get to the center, not to worry. The path will ultimately take you to the center where you will feel peaceful and ready to take on the opportunities and challenges presented to you. You can rest there a moment and then retrace your steps to the opening in the labyrinth which will take you from the path to where you started.

By Teresa K. Flatley



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