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Baby Boomer Articles - Boomer Lifestyle Boomer Lifestyle
Our generation defined the world "lifestyle" and now we are reaping (usually) the benefits. The "me" generation has changed the world, how we live and what's important. Join us as we continue the wild ride!
In the Sixties Groove
along with  Mad Men
Delivered Mail?
Who decides?
Motorcycle Trikes Hot Item
for Baby Boomers.
Back to School
back in the day.
Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw
Came to town.
We Are Getting Better!
Even as we get older.
Special Delivery: Ecelctic Mail
But who is it for?
Boomer Bucket Lists
Some great examples.
1930s' Autograph Book
remembers when.
Slow Down, America
Be safe.
Our Least Favorite Words
and Phrases, circa 2012.
No More Nickel Ice Cream Cones
Those were the days!
Do More this Year with
Top Ten Halloween
Costumes for Adults
Top Ten Boomer Toys
Remember these?
Out of the Comfort Zone
Before and After.
Transform Your Home with Color
Changes You Will Love!
Skimming Books?
Oh my.
Top Ten Beatles' Songs
Are yours listed?
Will eReaders Replace Books?
It may be happening!
Are We Too Relaxed?
What do you think?
Don't Call Me Honey!
Or Sweetheart or Dear. . .
Spare Change
Kindness on a City Street.
Routines: Yes or No?
Difficult to decide.
Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn
Baby Boomers: To tweet or not?
Patience: An Elusive Virtue
Even for Baby Boomers.
Baby Boomers Not Always at Fault
But we often think so.
Choosing a Patio Umbrella
Some tips to get you started.
Steeler Nation Rules
"Nation" brings good will to Pittsburgh.
Deciding to Learn
It's never too late.
Brain Noise Plagues Us All
What's that all about?
Quieting the Brain Noise
Tips on finding peace and quiet.
Better with Age
We are getting Better!
"Green" Organizing
Use what you already have.
Advertising to Baby Boomers
Too much and not enough.
Save Fuel at 55?
Read on and see.
Indiana Jones Rides Again
And his friend Marion too!
Tips for Tipping
Navigating the tipping wars.
Tolerate Nothing
It's time to make changes.
Being a Friend to the Library
Join your local group today.
Give Away Old Prom Dresses, More
Time to clean out your children's things.
A Lifetime in Six Words
Six word memoirs say it all.
"... Soup for You!"
Soup Man comes to town.
Un-Stuffing Your Freezers, Pantries
Hints to help you simplify. 
Random Acts of Trust
Keep a good thought at this busy time of year.
Making the World Green
Ways to improve the environment.
Baby Boomers and Facebook?
Groovy or not?
Ten Feng Shui Tips
Small steps to increase energy.
Different Organizing Styles
Who's right? Who's wrong?
Donald Trump Knows Feng Shui. Do You?
An intro to the Chinese art.
Retired? Time to Hit the Trail
Something (really good) to add to your to-do list.
"Youthen," Don't Age
Author tells us how to stay young.
Baby Boomers Love the Technology...
...but hate the process!
Turn windshield wipers on...
...when headlights are.
Purses, Handbags, Pouches: Oh My!
The origins of the bag.
RVs and Baby Boomers
Proceed with Caution.
Rachael Ray: Our Newest Celebrity
The talented cook is everywhere.
Welcoming The Cheescecake Factory
The popular restaurant comes to our neighborhood.
Cell Phone Manners
To Answer or Not?
Can You Relax Amidst Chaos?
What life are you living?
Survivor: Outwitted, Outplayed, Outlasted
Put out the fire, Survivor is done.
Car Magnets Not a Good Idea
Don't put any more magnets on your car.
Who wants to Par-Teé?
Dangling dice and fiestas await you at party store.
What's a Mom "To Do"?
Life is reduced to a yellow tablet and a full "To Do" list.
Empty Nest Syndrome: Bird Style
The birds have flown the nest and it's finally quiet.
Baby Boomers at Midlife
Hindu philosophy casts light on aging.
30? Old?
No matter what, age is a relative thing.
A Baby Boomer's Entry into Martial Arts
Duke learns there's more than one way to win in the martial arts arena.
Pouches, Handbags, Purses. . . Oh, My!
Why is it women are shackled to a bag of their stuff while men aren't?
RV Road Trip: Parents Weekend
That first visit to their offspring’s Parents Weekend...
The Twilight Zone
Sorry, but this won’t be a piece about Rod Serling.
I was a Bingo Babe (twice)
What to do once the kids have gone.

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