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Our generation defined the world "lifestyle" and now we are reaping (usually) the benefits. The "me" generation has changed the world, how we live and what's important. Join us as we continue the wild ride!
The Twilight Zone

Sorry, but this won’t be a piece about Rod Serling. Nope, it’s about something that gave me such a start that I wanted to share it with the entire Boom This! readership in hopes we can stomp it out � thoroughly and quickly.

Reading an article in our local paper about how “Today’s seniors prefer belly dancing to bingo,” I found this gem: “As baby boomers � the generation born between 1946 and 1964 � advance toward twilight…”

Twilight? Twilight? This is a joke, right?

I’m guessing that the reporter who wrote this article is a young guy who thinks the sun exists only to shine on him and his generation. He’s already relegated those older than him to the darkness, where I suppose they won’t be too much bother (he can only hope).

Wow. That’s scarier than anything Rod ever produced.

By Teresa K. Flatley


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