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Car Magnets Not a Good Idea

We’ve all seen those magnets of various shapes and sizes adorning the back ends of our cars: Support our Troops -- I Love Ballet -- Ryan No. 17, NorthStars Soccer Club --  Cheer!!! For Hampton High School. It’s a way to let people know where we stand.

That’s all well and good till you try to remove these items from your car. My son was returning to college this week and we wanted to take off the magnet touting the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl win this year since his school is located in an NFL rival’s backyard.

Guess what? The magnet was stuck -- permanently -- to the back gate of his car. We couldn’t get it off.

So we drove to my favorite garage and asked them what they would suggest we use to remove it. They suggested something called Auto Prep. We couldn’t find that, but bought and tried the gum and adhesive remover suggested by the man at Pep Boys. No luck. All we ended up with were tingling hands from using the solvent and ninety percent of the magnet still adhered to his car.

Our solution -- at least until we can find a better solvent (any ideas?) -- was to cover the remains of the magnet with a bigger flag magnet.

That’s the last magnet I will put on a car. Now no one will know where we stand but at least my hands won’t tingle.

By Teresa K. Flatley


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