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Our generation defined the world "lifestyle" and now we are reaping (usually) the benefits. The "me" generation has changed the world, how we live and what's important. Join us as we continue the wild ride!
"... Soup for You!"

By now, everyone who is walking around still breathing must have heard of the Soup Nazi, he of Seinfeld fame.  Based on real-life Chef Al Yeganeh, the TV show’s Soup Nazi was a culinary magician to the huddled masses of New York City, but not so much a lover of people. He had strict rules in his shop for what you could say or do and, if you didn’t follow the rules, he would banish you from his shop with a stern: “No soup for you!” It was like a death sentence to those who loved his smooth, tasty concoctions.



Chef Yeganeh’s The Original Soup Man franchises have been opening around the country, offering patrons a tasty rotation of about 50 different varieties of soups, with that many new ones to be added soon to the menu.


And for once, my city, Pittsburgh, PA, gets to be in on the action. A franchise has opened, just in time for January's National Soup Month, in our downtown. What a treat!


I can‘t wait to try the new place. I love soup, but alas, am never satisfied with ones that I make at home. To find out if there is good soup near you, click here.  


By Teresa K. Flatley



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