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Our generation defined the world "lifestyle" and now we are reaping (usually) the benefits. The "me" generation has changed the world, how we live and what's important. Join us as we continue the wild ride!
Better with Age

Remember that TV commercial about how we weren’t getting older, we were getting “better”? A concept to cling to as the years whiz by!


My friend Michele Thompson recently wrote a column on 53 Things that Get Better with Aging for www.SeniorsForLiving.com. To read Michele’s article, click here.


Boom This! readers offered the follwing suggestions for what else gets better with age:



  • Your ability to know yourself (finally) and what makes you tick
  • Having good reasons -- or no reasons at all -- to not do something you don't want to do
  • More wisdom to understand people and what motivates them
  • More time to --  and for -- yourself
  • A different sense of freedom: freedom to travel, read, take classes, go to a  movie, etc. since there are not as many reasons to hold you at home
  • The joy of seeing your children turn into wonderful adults as you watch them follow their dreams
  • Being bolder in all aspects of your life
  • Home movies, which are appreciated more and more as the years pass
  • You no longer have to try and impress teenage boys or girls!
  • And finally. . .The Beatles

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