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Top Ten Beatles' Songs

Whose idea was it to limit the list of our favorite Beatles songs to ten? Good grief, that's almost an impossible task. There are so many good -- I mean, great -- ones and so many different musical moments of the Fab Four's career that  need to be represented.


But when has doing the impossible stopped us? I was very happy to receive lots of contributions to my call for Beatles' favs. Their  music is a subject near and dear to every Baby Boomer's heart I think. The changes they created with their floppy hair, sharp suits, and fun-loving attitude are probably still echoling around us. Love those guys, a lot.


Here are my Ten Favorite Beatles songs, although I could be talked out of some and convinced to throw in a couple of others. I guess it really doesn't matter, only to me.


Here goes:


No. 1: All My Loving (This is my all-time favorite. I used to swing on our back porch to this song for hours. With adorable Paul on lead, what was not to love? Some of us even considered switching to being left-handed so we could have a better connection with Paul.)


My other favorites, although not in particular order:


I Want to Hold Your Hand


Think for Yourself

If I Fell

Eight Days a Week

Another Girl


I'm Looking Through You



By Teresa K. Flatley




BT! Readers Weigh in on Top Beatles Songs:


From long time reader, first time writer, L. Bowman: First off, listing ten favorite Beatles songs is impossible. But here goes, anyway:


1. Here Comes the Sun -- Every spring, the first day the weather conditions are just right, this gets played at full volume on the car's sound system.


2. Yesterday -- Short, simple, great.


3. Love Me Do -- Personal favorite of the "early Beatles" genre (honorable mentions: Hard Day's Night and I Want to Hold Your Hand).


4. Eleanor Rigby -- Violins are fantastic.  Always felt sad for her and for Fr. Mackenzie (honorable mentions: Nowhere Man and In My Life) .


5. Something -- Second George Harrison song in top five. Think about that for a while.


6. Maxwell's Silver Hammer -- Sweet tune. Horribly violent lyrics. Classic combination.


7. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite -- Great Lennon song  and lyrics ("hogsheads of real fire").  (Close call over Lucy SD in this category.)


8. A Day In the Life -- Too great not to be on the list.


9. Hey Jude -- As long as it went on, never wanted it to end.


10. Come Together -- One and one and one makes three ... ergo "Paul Is dead". Creeped out a generation.


~ ~ ~


From Anne, who says her choices are in no particular order, but all great tunes:


The things we said today

She loves you

Penny Lane

If I fell in love with you

When I'm 64 (soon now)

All my loving

The long & winding road

And I love her

I'll follow the sun


 ~ ~ ~


From Betsy who remembers when the band came to the US and caused such a wonderful commotion. I thought they were great, she says. Their music will live on forever.



I Want to Hold Your Hand

All You Need is Love


Hey Jude

Twist and Shout (fun!)

When I'm Sixty-Four

Penny Lane

Let it Be

Here Comes the Sun


~ ~ ~


From Diane, who says she likes the early songs best: 


She Loves You

Love Me Do

I Want to Hold Your Hand


Let It Be


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

All You Need Is Love

Hey Jude


~ ~ ~


From Susan:


I Want to Hold Your Hand.

Norwegian Wood

Here Comes the Sun

Hard Days Night


Can't Buy Me Love

I've Just Seen A Face

I Saw Her Standing There

Eight Days a Week



~ ~ ~


From Lee, who picked all the romantic ones she liked:


She Loves You
Ticket to Ride
Michelle, My Belle
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Please, Please me
I saw Her Standing There
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Till There Was You
And I Love Her
This Boy


~ ~ ~


And from Laurry:


Let it Be is the absolutely BEST Beatles song ever -- and of particular significance for moi.


~ ~ ~


And from Michael who likes a little "tougher" list:


Helter Skelter
Back in the USSR
Twist and Shout
Roll Over Beethoven
Rock and Roll Music
Paperback Writer

~ ~ ~

And from Bob, a big Beatles Fan:


Day Tripper
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
With a Little Help From My Friends
Doctor Robert
Blue Jay Way
A Day in the Life (I'd Love to Turn You On)
Within You and Without You
Got to Get You Into My Life
Happiness is a Warm Gun




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