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Our generation defined the world "lifestyle" and now we are reaping (usually) the benefits. The "me" generation has changed the world, how we live and what's important. Join us as we continue the wild ride!
We Are Getting Better!

By Teresa K. Flatley

"You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Better".
~~ Clairol Loving Care ad, 1971

Browsing through some old magazines my friend lent me, one of the more helfpul articles I read listed five things that are better because we are getting older.

The illustration that accompanied the article seemed to fly in the face of that. Pictured were several older adults in different poses: one holding a balloon (?); one in Rodin's famous Thinker pose; one knitting uncontrollably, which I could relate to, and one lady wearing a sombrero and a pancho.

Didn't look too promising at that point. But turning the page, I found a list of things that do get better the older we get, offered up by some older citizens.

Here are their thoughts:

~~ Older people are less-stressed, relax more and are happier. Gone are the days of making decisions from an overbundance of possibilities and here are the days where living in the moment is easier to do.

~~ We become wiser as we age. We have seen it all and therefore, know better how to respond to situations that occur in our lives.

~~ Women (and men) can wear more comfortable shoes because no one really cares what they look like! High heels, which keep getting higher, no longer have to be an option, thank god.

~~ We are more comfortable in our skin and know what we want to do.

~~ We have more time on our hands to do good deeds, take care of ourselves and others, and enjoy our interests.

Intrigued, I went on a quest to find other things that are better the older we get. Here is some of what I found:

~~ We are able to find satisfaction in our achievements. We may not have met all of our life goals, but we learn to accept that and be content with -- and proud of -- what we have done.

~~ We sleep better. Now, this one I might take issue with. The study I read about said that elderly adutls in their 80s sleep better than any other age group. Hmmm. Since I am not yet in my 80s, not sure how to report this. I do know that among my contemporaries, there are a whole lot of people not sleeping well. More research must be done!

~~ Our brains improve, at least in terms of creativity and innovation, as we age. Not the most popular belief but according to an article on CNN, it just may be true.

~~ And finally, one of the bestest reasons for getting older: Grandchildren!

To learn more about this fascinating subject, although we are all experts by this point in our lives, pick up a copy of Wendy Lustbader's book, Life Gets Better: The Unexpected Pleasures of Growing Older.

If you have any thoughts on this subject, please share them with me at tkflatley@gmail.com

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