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Baby Boomer Articles - Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Turn here for all those quirky things that make life as a Baby Boomer interesting: the newest gadget, holiday plans, nostalgia, new technology. A visit here is a guaranteed boost to your day.
Passenger Pigeons Teach Lesson
Billions Gone from Our World.
Crows Might Tug on Superman's Cape
Hawks are Fearless.
Punctuation Pitfalls
So much misuse.
November 2013 To-Do List
Tips to get you started.
Weirdest Uses for Pumpkin
Outside of pie, that is
September Things to Do
Enjoy the outdoors still.
Knit the Bridge Complete
Hooray for Pittsburgh!
With care, Rhubarb Hits the Spot
Try this unique recipe.
Knit the (Pittsburgh) Bridge
Hundreds volunteer to cover bridge in yarn.
Quiddity: Word of Day
Sums it all up!
October To-Do List
Winterize, think spring.
August Things to Do
Fun in the sun!
What to do in July
Great ideas for the summer month.
Boom This! Celebrates
10 year anniversary.
George Washington Slept Near
Father of country spared twice.
March To Do List
Spring not far away.
Twitter Still Going Strong
Learn more here.
Top Ten Party Ideas
Party on, Boomers!
Favorite Words for Boomers
There is a winner!
Punxsutawney Phil's Prediction
More winter or spring?
Yeasty Creativity Blog. . .
. . .for Everyone!
My Pink Princess Guitar
Taylor Lautner in Town
Filming new movie.
Chippy the Chipmunk
A garden favorite.
Spring Clean the Feng Shui Way
Some tips to get you started.
Spring Creatures Everywhere
Voles, birds, squirrels . . . 
Happy Chinese New Year!
Tips for the New Year.
Help with New Year Resolutions
Advice on how to keep them.
The Bibliophile's Devotional
Hallie Ephron's latest.
Volunteer October 24
And feel good about yourself.
Use Color to Brighten Black
All you need are some accessories.
A Summer of Baseball
Like it used to be.
Grocery Store Blues
Be careful out there.
Pitt Basketball Explored
New book about Golden Era.
Surviving Tragedy
Focus of Jerry White book.
America and the Model T
Our love affair with cars.
Dining Trends for Boomers
What's new, what's hot.
Looking to Volunteer?
VolunteerMatch.org needs you.
Find the Lowest Gas Near You
MSN site can help.
A Walk in The Yard
An old family tradition.
Bird Wars
Keeping birds from nesting in our home.
Motostars: Celebrities + Motorcyles
Exhibit at Ohio Museum.
Frigid in Pittsburgh
No power, no coffee, bad news.
Food Favs for 2008
Watch for these innovative items.
Easily Locate Your Gas Tank
There's a trick to it.
Free Your Mailbox
Be assured of mail delivery.
The Best New Year's Resolution
Something to look forward to.
Universal Letter Writing Week
A happy return to snail mail!
Remember This at The Holidays
The one thing you need to know.
Primer on Hostess Gifts
Just in time for the holidays.
Jury Duty?
Not for the faint-hearted Baby Boomer.
All the Fuss About Harry Potter
Sounds like it's worth it.
Hershey's Kisses Celebrate 100th
"Love" stamp helps celebrate.
Fuel Saving Tips
We can all use these.
Clear Clutter from Your Purse
Shed that extra weight.
Forever Stamps
Buy now, save later.
Key Tags Everywhere
Getting overwhelmed by your key chain?
The Alamo
Small, but mighty.
Most Popular Phrases of 21st Century
You may be surprised by some of these.
Doy Bags
Creative recycling at its best.
Old Joy film...
...tells tale of old friends.
Be Prepared for Winter Driving
Take necessities with you just in case.
Play Deal or No Deal on Your Computer
Go ahead, open the case.
Photo Album: The Czech Republic
A visit with the beautiful architecture and friendly people.
Doodling Googles
The artist behind those groovy Googles.
Tale of a Soccer Ball
This particular soccer ball made it to the World Cup.
The Shelf Life of CDs
It may not be as long as we think.
Take Great Photos Every Time
Imrprove your photos with these daily email tips.
The State of our Activity
How active is your state?
Megan Reilly's Newest CD Available
Listen as the beauty comes through on this wonderful CD.
Tired of Sudoku? Try Bookworm Instead
Switch numbers for letters as a change of pace.
Sixty Seconds of History
Learn a little bit of history every day.
Color in Motion
Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy this fascinating site.
Singing the laundromat blues
Driving to the 'burbs to do laundry, what fun.
The Time Is Right for Some Boomer Poetry
A form of poetry that I am ashamed to say I had never heard of.

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