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The Time Is Right for Some Boomer Poetry

I recently came across a form of poetry that I am ashamed to say I had never heard of, even in all of those English classes I took in college. A “cinquain,” I learned, is a simple verse that contains five lines, but each line has a specific job to fill.

For example, the following are cinquains:

“Baby Boomer on a Good Day”

Youth Fountain
Energetic, fun, giddy
Taking on all comers

“Baby Boomer on a Bad Day” (not that we know any of these)

Achy, breaky, tired
Older by the Minute

Here’s one for Mr. Ford, of Indiana Jones fame:

Movie Star
Handsome, Rich, Rugged
Dating a younger woman

Or you can try one for your brother-in-law or that woman you work with who sucks her teeth all the time.

Here are the guidelines:

First line: Single title (a noun)
Second line: A two-word phrase that’s related to the subject
Third line: Three adjectives that describe the subject
Fourth line: A four-word phrase related to the subject
Fifth line: A one-word synonym for the title

The cinquain for your brother-in-law it could go something like this:

Couch potato
Lazy, idle, sluggish
Stops by a LOT

Or the lady at work:

Tooth sucker
Annoying, irritating, bothersome
Incentive for early retirement

If you are so inclined, go ahead and try your hand at this form of poetry. It’s simple and says a lot in very few words, something we could all learn a lesson from!

By Teresa K. Flatley


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