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Tired of Sudoku? Try Bookworm Instead

If you have had enough of making numbers jive, you might want to tease other parts of your brain with the Bookworm game available at Yahoo.com.


In the game, you are shown several rows of tiles with letters on them. The goal is to form words (like Scrabble) by clicking on connected letters. If you have made a legit word (and sometimes that can be a surprise), the words fly into the Bookworm’s mouth � making the cutest chewing sound on the Net.


It’s not always that simple. After you create words, other tiles drop into the columns from the top. The green tiles you will see are bonus tiles (you get more points for using them), and yellow tiles appear if you make longer words. They are worth mega points. The red tiles, though, are dangerous. You have to use them before they burn their way down to the bottom of the row. If you don’t you set the library on fire and that’s end game for you.


You are also given a chance to make a specific word shown under the grinning worm to earn extra points.


Be forewarned: Like Solitaire and other games, this can get to be a little addicting.


To try it out, visit Yahoo.com and click on “games.” Find the listing for word games and choose Bookworm. It’s pretty self-explanatory after you play for awhile. I didn’t download it; I just play on the opening screen.


(I learned about this game from a college student. I’m sure he’s really working on his spelling when he’s playing…)


By Teresa K. Flatley



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