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Doy Bags

What if you could buy groovy products that not only use recycled materials but provided jobs for disadvantaged women as well?

Doy Bags are just the ticket. The Doy Bags line of bags, luggage tags and other accessories are fashioned in the Philippines from creatively recycled juice packs (non-biodegradable foil and plastic which would otherwise go into landfill sites and incinerators.)

A sample luggage tag boasts the attractive colors of the popular juice packs complete with English text, a bright green stitched edging and a strong serviceable hook to use to snap it onto luggage.

With these tags, there’s no more searching for your unexceptional black bag on those airport luggage carousels. Using a Doy tag, there will be no question about which suitcase is yours. And it also gives witness to how you are helping in a win-win situation for people across the world. (My red tomato Doy tag helps me spot my suitcase quickly every time I travel.)  

More than 200 women work in the Multi-Purpose Cooperative located near Manila that produces Doy Bags. Since 1997, these employed Filipino women, who are often the main bread winners for their families, have been able to help support their families. (There are also some young adult men -- sons of the women workers -- who are employed there, too, to help with driving, packing and warehouse tasks.)

The other Doy Bag products include bags of all types, aprons, belts, coin purses, pencil cases, wallets and more which would also make wonderful gifts.
For more information and to see the complete line of Doy Bags, visit www.doybags.com.


By Teresa K. Flatley


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