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Forever Stamps

A quick check in my desk drawer revealed that I have several different US postage stamps that will probably never adorn a letter. There‘s the two cent Navajo jewelry stamp (very pretty), the 23 cent Wilma Randolph stamp, a 32 cent US. flag stamp and a bunch of one cent stamps featuring the American Kestrel.


The United States Post Office has come up with a way to do away with the clutter of having to purchase random stamps in the future. The Forever first class stamp, the newest addition to the stamp family, is designed to hold its value, as you might guess, forever.


Here’s how it goes: You can buy Forever stamps for 41 cents now, the soon-to-be-increased cost for a first class stamp as of May 14, 2007. The Forever stamps you buy will ALWAYS be good, no matter what the price of first class stamps rises to (which seems limitless at this point.)


The Liberty Bell was selected to be featured on the Forever stamp because “it resonates as one of the nation’s most prominent and recognizable symbols associated with American independence.” According to Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer John E. Potter, “The Forever stamp is a consumer innovation guaranteed to deliver unprecedented convenience and value to our customers. It’s good forever.”


Keep in mind that the Forever stamp will sell for 41 cents only until the next price increase for a first class stamp. The Forever stamp will then be available at the new price.



By Teresa K. Flatley



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