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Clear Clutter from Your Purse

What exactly is the reason that women carry purses-- everywhere? Is it to be prepared for the return of “Let’s Make a Deal”? Or is it to be prepared for whatever could possibly happen this year? Or is to be prepared for today?


I choose Number 3 -- prepared for today.


As I conduct workshops, I watch to see what women have in their purses, and I’m not sure everyone has chosen Number 3, or that they’ve removed things from their purses that don’t need to be there.


Whenever I pick up my purse, I think about my chiropractor. Now whether you go to a chiropractor or not, you probably understand that to have a very heavy purse hanging off one shoulder could do harm to your shoulder, back, hips, etc. So whenever I pick up my purse, I think about my chiropractor -- I really like her, but do I want to have to go see her this week? This answer is usually NO.


That means I need to take just a few moment s to clear out my purse from whatever I slipped in there yesterday, last week or last month.


Let’s look at some of the items we might be able to remove -- easily:


  • Receipts: You know you have them. If one takes just a few moments to remove and note the receipts, one would have a better chance of tracking expenses and checks against credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Soiled tissues: Really, once they are used, get rid of them. And while you’re tossing them, you’ll note whether you need to add another pack to your purse.
  • Snacks: I really do keep snacks in my purse, if I’m going to a long workshop, or the grandkids will be with me. But they don’t last forever and I don’t need them every day. So I check my purse and remove them if I don’t need them that day.
  • Notes, Menus, Agendas, and Bulletins: These might actually be helpful, but probably not in your purse. Take them out and put them in the filing, reading, or action areas of your home or office.
  • Business Cards: I pick up business cards wherever I am and usually I write on them where I pick them up. That way, when I return to my office at the end of the day, I can put them In the appropriate place to take action on. (Yesterday, while helping a client clean out her purse, we found several cards that had become wedged in the bottom of her handbag. We have no idea how long they’ve been there, where they’re from and if they wanted information. Since my client is in sales, this is vital information for her to have.)
  • Makeup: Really!! How much makeup do you need with you for one day? I’ve cleared out some purses that have makeup enough for a year (for me). How much do you need?

We are all unique individuals, but as a rule, we’re still hauling around too much stuff in our purses. Today is the day to start tossing and removing. You might even be able to carry a smaller, cuter purse. Wouldn’t that be great!!



By Sylvia Kirks McClintick



Sylvia Kirks McClintick is a professional organizer and owner of Organized Chaos. She offers coaching via telephone and e-mail throughout the country. Organized Chaos offers a free needs assessment to get you started. Check out Organized Chaos at www.TameTheChaos.com. Sylvia may be contacted at 336-548-4646 or 1-888-TO-CHAOS. Organized chaos has been in business since 1992.


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