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Universal Letter Writing Week

Following up on a tip about a week devoted to writing letters, I did a little research on the web to see if I could learn more. No luck. A lot of sites mention the week (with dates varying from Jan. 6 to 12 or Jan. 8 to 15), but no one offers a history of the origin of the week.


People are always saying how writing letters is a dying art, and that may be true, but in some instances it can be the best and only thing you can do for someone.


We love getting letters from Larry’s uncle who will celebrate his 91st birthday in 2008. Glimpses into the life of this remarkable man make for fine reading.


Also, one of my son’s best friends enlisted in the Army in the fall and was only permitted to receive letters during basic training. I typed letter after letter to him (so he could read them instead of trying to decipher my horrendous handwriting) just to let him know we were thinking about him. Even nicer, some of my friends also wrote to him even though they didn’t know him. He appreciated those letters, too.


So if you have a chance, sit down and write/type a personal letter to someone you know. Whether they are homebound in these dark days of winter, serving the country in a far away location or your grandchildren who live far away, it will brighten up their day. And the best part? You may get a letter in return!


By Teresa K. Flatley



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