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Easily Locate Your Gas Tank

Sometimes those emails that come into our inboxes with the promise of  improving our lives do just that. I received a note the other day from a friend about a fail proof way to figure out which side of the car your gas tank is on. (It can take years after buying a new car to finally remember the correct side when you stop for gas. And it’s a whole new experience if you have a rental car.)


To determine which side your tank is on, just check out that mini gas pump icon located by your gas gauge on your car’s dashboard. If the handle of the pump in the icon is on the left side, then so is your gas tank. If the handle of the pump of the icon is on the right side, then so is your gas tank. Who knew?


Well, my friend’s husband did since he is a transmission magician and has learned to check the little gas gauge when he is test-driving cars to diagnose their ailments. With a quick glance, he always knows which side to pull up to the pumps.


You have to wonder why car makers don’t publicize this more. I wonder if they use the same system on airplanes, semis, and fighter planes? Worth checking!


By Teresa K. Flatley



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