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Spring Clean the Feng Shui Way

Now that winter has finally come to an end, it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning. When cleaning, you can use Feng Shui to improve the energy in your home by simply getting rid of clutter. Clutter is a confusing, draining energy that can have a negative effect on certain areas of your life. So this spring, work to rid your home of that energy.


The front entrance to your home is an important area to keep clutter-free because the front door is where a major part of energy enters. Get rid of any object in your front entrance that doesn’t need to be there. For example, keep only the in-season items you use in this area as well as your entry closet if you have one. Once you get rid of the clutter, don’t be afraid to make this space appealing, which will help bring good energy into your home.


Another area that should be a main focus when you de-clutter your home is the bedroom. You should clean out your closet and get rid of as many items as possible, especially ones that you have not used in a while. Also make sure that under your bed is, and remains, clutter-free. This is also a good time to consider moving items elsewhere that don’t really belong in a bedroom. These items could be anything from a TV to work related items. These items destroy the energy in your bedroom.


The kitchen is another room that could benefit from being clutter-free because the kitchen contains energy that connects to your health. Clean out your refrigerator by getting rid of old and unhealthy food. Also clean your stove, pots and pans and work to keep them clean. Try to use natural cleaning products as well in the kitchen instead of harsh chemicals.


Once you de-clutter your home, do your best to keep it clean and fresh. This will allow a stronger pathway for positive energy to enter your home.


By Yvonne Phillips

Feng Shui Expert 




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