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Yeasty Creativity Blog. . .

Yeasty, besides referring to homemade bread, is defined as "exuberantly creative." I found this marvelous word  during an internet search for a synonym for creativity, and fell in love with it.


I have been wanting to write a creativity blog for a long time. I have read tons of books on the subject and since it is something ever close to a writer's heart, I thought that I should go ahead and finally do it.


The main purpose for the blog, though, is to let others who doubt their own creativity know that isn't true. Each and every day we all make creative decisions. Each choice we make requires creativity whether it's choosing what to wear to work or where to place an antique vase on the sideboard.


Through the blog Yeasty, I want to celebrate everyone's creativity while sharing and ideas. This can only lead to much fun, I am sure, and that's pretty creative.


I hope you will check out the Yeasty, blog and follow along with me on our new adventure. Thoughts and ideas are always welcome so please send them to me at tkflatley@gmail.com.


I am also updating the posting of new entries at the blogs through Twitter. You can get Tweets by following @boom_this.


I am still posting at the Boom This: Where Boomers Bloom blog too, and I hope that's one of your internet stops.

By Teresa K. Flatley


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