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Turn here for all those quirky things that make life as a Baby Boomer interesting: the newest gadget, holiday plans, nostalgia, new technology. A visit here is a guaranteed boost to your day.
March To Do List
March Madness: Get those brackets printed up, the biggest event in college basketball is almost here. Selection Sunday (where you will learn how to fill in those brackets) on March 11 is only a couple of weeks away. That kicks off March Madness and leads to some great basketball culminating in the Final Four in New Orleans March 31 through April 2. Even if you don't have a dog in the hunt, this is a lot of fun and a bright spot in March. If it seems like playing that many games in so short a time is overkill, it may be, but not to true fans of the game.
Gardens: It's not too early to begin preparing your yard and garden for spring. Cleaning up downed branches, picking up trash that has blown in over the winter, clearing your property of old bird nests so new ones can be created. There is so much information on gardening in March on the web that I will leave you to your favorite sites for ideas on what to do this month. Just Google "garden to do list March" and sit back and enjoy.
Clean out  closets: Once again this is a good time to clear out your closets. Men, if you don't plan on wearing that old golf shirt on the links this year, toss it and ask for new ones as gifts! Women, you know the drill. If it doesn't feel and look good, it should be given away or donated.
Take a break from Social Media: There is a lot of literature out there these days about social media and how it can be a huge time waster -- and even morph into an addiction. Try something new: Promise yourself you will only check your social media sites at the end of the day when things you read won't distract you from what needs to be done during the day. Catching up on family and friends' photos can wait till the sun goes down. Doing this will help you feel more righteous when you do open up those sites and begin to browse.

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