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Turn here for all those quirky things that make life as a Baby Boomer interesting: the newest gadget, holiday plans, nostalgia, new technology. A visit here is a guaranteed boost to your day.
Boom This! Celebrates
On April 19, 2002, the space shuttle Atlantis returned to earth after an installation at the international space station; The Scorpion King was released starring The Rock and Anderson Cooper was struggling to survive on daytime TV. And, loyal readers, it was the date for the first issue of the Boom This! Ezine.

Ten years: a long time no matter how you figure it. Back in early 2002, I had decided to launch a website (Teri's Serendipity, which is no longer active) so that I could direct potential clients to the site to see samples of my writing work. Previous to that we used to clip our articles out of newspapers and magazines and mail them to new clients, but a website was the Next New Thing!

The newsletter came about when I realized I could (possibly, hopefully) register enough readers on my mailing list so that when I wrote my first book I could guarantee thousands of readers to the publisher.

That first Boom This! issue was done without images and that would continue to be the case until 2005. I included a Serendipity column which has been the practice in every issue; travel tips following 9/11; a chance to vote for the newest color of M&Ms and a look at a friend's computer manual designed for older adults, Not really so different from this issue, I suppose. As they say, there's nothing new under the sun, but for Boomers, every day can and should be an adventure.That's why I launched http://www.BoomThis.com in 2006 as a permanent home for the ezine's articles.

The addition of color and images gave new life to the ezine, and the incredible growth of blogging has been the biggest change I think to this type of communication. With so many choices for your attention on the information highway (including dazzling videos, images, movies, TV shows, sources of information), it's hard to know where or when to slow down and check something out.

That's why I appreciate all of you so much. I plan to keep doing the ezine for the foreseeable future, and I hope you will continue to join me on the journey as we roll into the future where anything is possible.

By Teresa K. Flatley

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