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What to do in July

July starts off with a bang every summer, and stays red hot the rest of the month. Stuck right in the middle of Summer, July is really what summer is all about. Cookouts, beach vacations, bike riding and fireworks: Who can ever get enough?

Here's a short list of suggestions on some fun things to do this coming month:

  • Stock up on sunscreen. This may be one of the most important things you do this summer. Put the lotion on when you get dressed in the morning, and then reapply later in the day. I use a non-oily based sunscreen but it still oozes off when I sweat while walking. (Reapply!) For an article on how to buy sunscreen and figuring out all of those pesky SPFs, click here.

  • Plan an old-fashioned BBQ. Because the Fourth falls on a Wednesday this year, plan to invite locals over for a picnic. Out of town relatives may not want to come visit and then have to drive home after the party, only to have to get up early for work. You can have those far away guests to your home on a weekend.

  • Spontaneous picnics. This is something we used to do when our boys were young. I would pack a picnic dinner (or pick up a bucket of KFC!) and then the four of us we would meet my Dad at one of the many pavilions in North Park near us. It was a simple thing to do but made dinner seem like more fun, and the change of scene was good for everyone. After eating the boys could run around and we could visit with my Dad.

  • Fly your flag. There's no better time than the Fourth of July to fly the Red, White and Blue. Once you get in the habit of hanging the flag outside your home, it will be easy to keep doing it the rest of the summer.

  • Child safety. If you will have grandchildren visiting this summer, start now to make sure your home is safe for them. With only adults around the house, there's no need to put knives up high or plug up open outlets. It's a different story when there are toddlers and older children in the house. Check with the parents to see what they suggest you put away or alter so that the children are safe. Check here for an in depth list of what grandparents need to know.

By Teresa K. Flatley


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