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August Things to Do
No matter where you are, I'm betting your have experienced a very hot summer. So with August -- the hottest month of all -- just around the corner, it's time to indulge in some cool activities to get us happily through the month and into the cooler weather of fall.

Exercise: It's hard to drag yourself outdoors when the temps are in the 90s or higher, but if you do a little planning, this can work for you. Try to hit the pavement as early as you can. Lately, morning temperatures have not been that much cooler than those in the afternoon, but every little bit counts in this game. The humidity starts to crawl upward mid-morning so if you can complete a walk or run before that, bully for you.

Get Outside: It seems a shame to sit in the air conditioning all day when the summer days are a' wastin'. For those who have health problems that may be the only safe place for them to be. But if your health isn't compromised by the high heat, hopefully you can find something that will get you out of doors for a short time each day like pulling a few weeds, watering (and watering, again) flowers, sweeping the sidewalk, filling bird feeders with seed or standing and talking to a neighbor which all quality as being "outdoor activities" in this weather.

Hydrate: After you have braved the heat and come back inside, drink plenty of fluids, whether you feel thirsty or not. Water is always a good first choice, but there are also sports drinks that may help to replenish the electrolytes etc. you have lost by sweating.

Get Ready for Some Football: The talking heads on TV sports stations are super-excited already about the upcoming training camp season for the NFL. If you have been feeling disconnected from the world of football all summer, now's the time to gear up. For diehard fans, visiting open football practices near them is like seeing the first crocus in the spring. Fall can't come soon enough for these fans.

Get Something Done: As mentioned above, if the temps are too high to spend much time outdoors, this could be a great time to catch up on some indoor projects, the ones you usually save for those weekends in the winter when you are snowed in. You probably already have a list of these projects on hand and with a little nudge, you could be on your way to completing some of them.

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