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Turn here for all those quirky things that make life as a Baby Boomer interesting: the newest gadget, holiday plans, nostalgia, new technology. A visit here is a guaranteed boost to your day.
October To-Do List

· Think Spring: Now's the time to plant spring bulbs, before the first frost. Also, you might want to pick up a couple of mums to dress up your front porch along with some pumpkins.

· Clean out your DVR: In anticipation of all those holiday classics (and college and pro football games) you will want to record soon, take a quick look around to see if there aren't some recordings on your DVR that you aren't really going to watch. The delete button is your friend!

· Sealing up air leaks: Now's the time to seal up all of those small cracks and holes in your home which invite Jack Frost to come a 'calling and raise your heating bills. Also, a secondary benefit, and a very important one, is that your efforts may keep out some of the stink bugs who enter our homes through these small crevices. For more information on sealing up your home, visit Energy.gov.

· Winterize: It's a little early to put snow tires on your car, but make a note to do it early next month. I know, hard to believe. Also, it's a good time while the warmer weather lingers to clean your outdoor grill. Messy but necessary.

· Not To-Do Lists: And for those of you who have bigger to-do lists than you know what to do with, take heart. Sasha Cagen has written a book about To-Do Lists and shares some facts about them (and us) here.

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