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Quiddity: Word of Day

Word of the Day:

I came across this word in a book I was reading and had to look it up. I probably should have been familiar with it --and maybe I had just forgotten that I was familiar with it -- which seems to happen a lot these days!

The definitions for quiddity are essence; a trifling nicety of subtle distinction, as in an argument; a trifling point; a quibble. Its main meaning is to describe what makes a person an individual, what makes you you.

I love words like this that can sum up what it is you want to say so clearly. But I suppose that's only if you understand what it means and don't have to run to dictionary.com to look it up. But one thing's for sure: it is a great word to have at the ready when you are playing Scrabble. It's worth a whopping 22 points!

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