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Knit the Bridge Complete
By Teresa K. Flatley

A few weeks ago I wrote in a different column  about a project underway here in Pittsburgh to "Knit the Bridge". The concept was to cover one of Pittsburgh's iconic bridges, this particular one named after Andy Warhol, our town's native son, with yarn.

Handcrafters from almost every neighborhood in the county got out their knitting needles and crochet hooks and began to work. It took more than a year for the project to come to fruition, with more hurdles than we could even comprehend, I think. But at long last, the creative minds behind the project are able to see for themselves how awesome the bridge looks thanks to their hard work and that of more than 1,800 handcrafters.

I went down to see the bridge  both Sunday night, before it was finished and again Monday morning to take pictures. People were shooting pictures from all different angles, because there is so much color to see everywhere you look, and chatting with strangers about how cool this really is.

We did find the three panels that our good friend had done by herself, and that was a real treat.

I wish you all lived closer to Pittsburgh so you could come see the bridge decked out in all its yarn finery, and possibly setting a Guinness World Record. Maybe a trip to the Burgh could find its way on your agenda? But hurry, the bridge will only remain yarn bombed until Sept 8.

For more information, visit Knit the Bridge . For more up to date info, check out "Knit the Bridge" on Facebook.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the bridge:

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