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Turn here for all those quirky things that make life as a Baby Boomer interesting: the newest gadget, holiday plans, nostalgia, new technology. A visit here is a guaranteed boost to your day.
September Things to Do
 ~~ New Hobby: As the children go back to school, it may just be the right time for you to try a new hobby. Is there something that you have been interested in but never had the time to delve into? Well, make it happen! There are so many interests and activities awaiting Boomers that the hard part may be deciding on which ones you want to try first. What's it gonna be? Cooking? Crafts? A new sport?  If you don't feel that you know enough about the hobby to start, consider taking a class.

~~ Gardening: Pull out those long-suffering annuals and replace them with bright mums for the fall months. Mums have hit the local stores and nurseries big time this week, and look so rich no matter where you place them. It is also a good time to move your perennials around since the days are cooler.

~~ Dry Out: Turn off your outside faucets so that the water won't freeze as the temperatures fall. Soon you can bring in your garden hoses, too, and store them inside for the winter.

~~ Lawn Care: If your lawn has some bare spots -- and whose doesn't -- September is a great time to plant grass seed to ensure a rich lawn in the spring. Follow the directions on the package when you plant after asking questions at your local nursery to make sure you have the right kind of seed for your location.

~~ South, Ho!: Northern birds will begin their migrations south this month, a sad time for all bird lovers. But to make us feel better, offer a lot of seed in your feeders so the birds can bulk up before they take off for warmer climes.

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