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Weirdest Uses for Pumpkin
By Teresa K. Flatley

This year I have noticed a lot more products bragging that they are made from pumpkin.

I like pumpkin as much as the next person, but some of these uses may have jumped the shark. But they have all been tried, at least by somebody.

~~ Pumpkin waffles (I actually bought these. What was I thinking?)
~~ Pumpkin Pot Pie. No thanks. Pot pies are special just the way they are.

~~ Pumpkin facials. Ewwww.

~~ Real Pumpkin candleholders. These work fine until such time as the pumpkin decides to rot and then even the large size of vanilla candles will not mask that smell.

~~ Pumpkin candy.

~~ Pumpkin purses. Huh?

~~ Pumpkin air freshener.

~~Pumpkin Potpourri.

~~Pumpkin foot scrub.

~~ Pumpkin bird feeders and houses. Again, not much shelf life for these.

~~ Pumpkin wine

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