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Crows Might Tug on Superman's Cape

If you are out and about on these warmer days and you hear a god-awful caterwauling coming from the sky, it could be that some determined crows are shooing a raptor from their territory.
Hawks like to ride the air currents far above the ground,  certain that their superior eyesight will reveal prey, anything from snakes to ducks to woodpeckers to owls etc.
But crows, who are smart enough to work in groups, want none of that hunting going on in their domain. So they nag the hawk until it moves on to other hunting grounds.
Watching the crows is a lesson in guts. They take turns flying right at the hawk, sometimes even touching it. If the hawk was so inclined, and one wonders why it isn't, it could take out the crows quicker than you can say "Blackbird  fly".
The only explanation I have read for why the hawk doesn't attack its tormentors is that it is in hunting mode and doesn't want to waste the energy to bother with the pesky crows, although they can be a food source for the raptor.

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