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Passenger Pigeons Teach Lesson

Can you imagine watching millions of birds flying across the sky, their numbers so dense that they darkened the sky for three days as they flew over? It's probably not something we will see again.

The passenger pigeon, which numbered in the billions in the 1800s in the US and Canada, is now thoroughly extinct, with the last bird named Martha dying on September 1, 1914. Joel Greenburg's new book entitled A Feathered River Across the Sky: the Passenger Pigeon's Flight to Extinction chronicles this journey for the birds, whose numbers were reduced due to destruction of their habitat and because they were hunted and slaughtered for food, for sport, and probably to remove a nuisance. (A river of birds passing overhead is bound to leave its mark on the ground below.)

Those who are reviving interest in the passenger pigeon and its fate through The Passenger Pigeon Project, say there is lots to learn about how and why this bird was exterminated. Habitat preservation and species conservation are the key lessons here for those who never want to see this happen again.

For mroe information, visit http://passengerpigeon.org/

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