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By our sheer numbers and interests, Baby Boomers are destined to change retirement forever. Many of us will continue to work; others will "downshift" or move to the Sun Belt. Find help with your dream here.
The Well-Fed Writer

Learn Ins and Outs of Being a Well-Fed Writer


If you have ever considered doing some writing on the side to increase your income, there’s no better way to begin than with Peter Bowerman’s book, The Well-Fed Writer. Bowerman, a veteran “commercial” freelance writer, illustrates the tricks of the freelance writing trade with humor and detail in this newly revised edition.


Now you may think that this is something you can’t do, but you might want to reconsider. With the downsizing of so many companies in this economy, (and with the first department cut usually being communications), there are a growing number of opportunities for people who are knowledgeable about certain subjects and who can string interesting and clear sentences together.


As Peter writes, “Many companies are asking themselves, ‘Why pay salaries and benefits when freelancers -- offering a range of talent and fresh ‘outsider’ perspectives -- give us only what we need, and only when we need it.’ While the economy may take away full-time jobs, it often gives back freelance work to the entrepreneurially-minded.”


This may be of particular interest to Baby Boomers, who may have had to reconsider their dream of retiring because of the recent economic downturn. Peter says that “the combination of healthy income potential and ‘on-my-own-terms’ lifestyle flexibility makes this field an appealing draw for those either nearing or smack dab in the midst of ‘retirement’. And given the vast array and volume of commercial work out there, for many, it’s simply a matter of re-directing past career experience into a profitable writing direction.”


This may be a little “out of the box” for you, but it does make good sense and  is something you may want to consider. For more information on Peter and his book, visit the The Well-Fed Writer website.


Peter Bowerman is the author of The Well-Fed Writer (2000), TWFW: Back For Seconds (2005), The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (2007) and the 2009 edition of The Well-Fed Writer - which combined and heavily updated the content of BOTH original WFW titles. The WFW books are how-to “standards” in the lucrative field of commercial freelancing � writing for businesses, large and small, and for hourly rates of $50-125+.


By Teresa K. Flatley



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