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New Roof Not Exciting,

This week we are having a new roof put on our house. It's time because the original shingles (25 year worthy ones) were put on 26 years ago. One by one our neighbors have been replacing their roofs, too.

Replacing a roof translates into a lot of noise and a lot of dust, both items I had not counted on for some reason. Since this is my first (ever) roof replacement, I didn't have any experience to compare it to, but I will file away these memories for future reference. Although by the time this roof needs replaced again, I will be a long way from having to worry about it.
So far, we have had two instances of soot coming down into the house when the roofers removed the skylights for a while to work around them outside. We have nine, count 'em, nine skylights in this house, so my little Dirt Devil sweeper is waiting to swing into action again before we are done. We just recently learned that our skylights are commercial grade, which means that our builder had some in his inventory handy and decided to plop them into the house, his model at the time. They have held up though so I can't complain about that too much.
One thing I did notice when I chose the new shingles is that they are much more interesting than the old ones. These new Architectural Shingles provide dimension and texture to the roof  instead of just lying completely flat. That's a good thing I know, since both those words come up often in the world of crafts, my frame of reference.
We dodged some serious leaking problems with this old roof, but we had our doubts about how it would hold up when it leaked a few days after we moved in. Back in 1986, Pittsburgh's North Hills suburbs were hit with a severe storm resulting in one of the area's worst floods in history. That didn't give us a lot of confidence in the roof which was brand spankin' new at that point, but we have had only small problems since then,  nothing substantial. Two winters ago when everyone in the Pittsburgh area and beyond had ice backup from their gutters causing water to run into indoor ceilings, we had those same problems, but that again was an unusual situation. Now we will have winter guards running up from the gutters to prevent leaks. Here's hoping.
My Dad always said that once you buy a house, you don't have to worry about where to put your money or your time, the house will devour them both. And it's true. Roofs are an expensive, but necessary,  proposition, and really, probably not worthy of a column. But I felt like I had to make note of it somewhere. It's doubtful that anyone will notice our new dimensional shingles, but I am tempted to put a sign out in the front yard telling all visitors to check out our new roof. Woot, woot! 

By Teresa K. Flatley


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