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Disposing of Old Medications:
I have been on a mission these past few weeks to declutter my kitchen cabinets and drawers. It's always interesting to find things when you clean that you have no idea where they came from and how they got there. For instance, I found a microwave popcorn maker, which had never been used. I barely recall winning it and some of other these items at raffles over the years, and instead of doing the right thing then and dropping them off at Good Will right away, I shoved them into the back environs of my cabinets, never to see the light of day till now.

I also tackled the cabinet which holds our wine glasses and, interestingly enough, our Rxs and over-the-counter medications. Again, in the back corners, I found some expired medications. I have read about how it is not a good idea to flush these things as traces of them may eventually find their way into the water system and into the mouths of others. So I did a little researching on the internet and found a site that said some drug stores carry pre-paid envelopes for the return of these old medications via the Post Office to a government agency which disposes of them properly.

I found one such envelope at a Walgreen's and for $3.99 I bought one, filled the envelope with the old meds (in their original bottles) and mailed them back.

It felt very virtuous I must say, safe and healthy.

For more information on other ways to deal with old medications, visit the FDA site here or one at Walgreen's here.

By Teresa K. Flatley

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