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Baby Boomer Articles - Work and Play Work and Play
You know how it is. All work and no play make Baby Boomers dull. There's no denying our strong work ethic, but we are also all about having fun. Visit here often and you can kiss dullness - in work and play - good-bye.
How much is Our Time Worth?
Each person is different.
Top Ten Herbs to Grow
Some old timers listed.
Pros, Cons of Bus Tours
The good, bad of bus tours
Stress Free Packing
Tips from a Pro
Adventures of a Chilehead
Book tells of love for chile.
Fall, Winter Vacations in PA
Visit these HeritagePA sites.
Five Fun Halloween Attractions
Time to go a'haunting.
The Roads (to be) Traveled
Launching extended vacations.
Go back to Community College
Lots to learn for Boomers.
Top Ten Tailgating Foods
These are must-haves.

An option for you?
Hiking Equipment to Pack
wherever you go.
Five Ways to Save Money Traveling
You've got to read this.
Terrariums a Good Way
to have a small garden.
Spring Training is Here!
An Ode to Spring Baseball.
Build a Rain Garden
Proper tips to succeed.
Daily Painting . . .
. . .Stirs Creativity
Travel Tips to Help You
Survive holiday trips!
Going Back to School?
Here's some Good Info.
Top Ten Road Trip Necessities
Make sure you take these along.
Top Ten Photo Tips
Always take great pictures.
Top Ten Unusual Containers
Jazz up Your Garden.
Top Ten Golf T[ps
Improve your game!
Top Ten Reasons to Drive to Florida,
rather than fly.
Weather Prediction: Learn More
Weather Discovery Center a must.
Punxsutawney Phil Predicts
an Early Spring.
Sticky Notes on Desktop
Stay organized.
Mystery Lovers Bookshop
Marks Anniversary
Boulder, CO Home to Special-Teas
Take tour, relax in great surroundings.  
Six Ways to Network
Boost your confidence!
Good Advice when Starting Over
Author relates how she survived.
Traveling with Teens . . .
. . . and surviving.
Be The Well-Fed Self-Publisher
Read Peter's book to learn how.
Urban Gardening
On a vertical fence
Bedford Springs Resort
Redone and unique.
Growing Tomatoes and Peppers
A Gardening Experiment.
Garden Blogs
Lots of good garden talk.
Container Gardening Primer
All you need to know.
Dealing with Wi-Fi Security
Does it exist?
Your Business Relationships
How safe are they?
Oxen and Computers
Time wasters all.
From Chaos to Organized Chaos
Eight Steps to get there.
U.S. Passport ID Cards
Easy to use.
Boomers Blog it Better
Get in on the newest trend.
Carry-on ONE Bag
Make your next trip less stressful.
Picking the Perfect Pumpkin
Success, with these tips!
Ideal Jobs for Boomers
Here are some good ideas.
How to Pack Light
And ease travel woes.
Peddling thru the Emerald Isle
A picture postcard trip.
Time to Hit the Road
Get movin' in an RV.
A Motorcycle in Your Future?
Some things to consider.
Virtual Assistants
A little help over the Internet.
Life Lessons Learned on the Trail
Reflections by Author Jeff Alt.
Find Your Work Life Purpose
This survey is the first step.
A new escape from the winter blahs.
Traveling I-95
Sightseeing along the East Coast.
Tips for the Slopes
Safety first.
Nuremberg, Germany
Land of Gingerbread and Sausages
Hawaii in December
Tips to Successful Packing
A checklist to make sure.
Club Med Cancun Yucatan
An all-inclusive vacation.
Personal Productivty Training
It works.
Avoid Injury in Your Garden
Here's how.
A Garden Made for Lingering
Come visit for awhile.
RiverBarge Excursions
Spend Your Vacation on RiverTime.
Safety Tips for Bugs, Ocean
Have a safe vacation.
Baby Boomers in Las Vegas
Fun in the sun.
Suggested Business Books...
...for your summer reading list.
Living in Oakmont during US Open Week
A small town deals with thousands of visitors.
US Open at Oakmont Country Club
Welcome, Tiger and Phil.
Chihuly Glass at Phipps, Pittsburgh
Come see this terrific show.
Need More Time?
Read on for some help.
Staying Safe in the Sun
Lotions for summer safety.
Want to be "Gone Fishing"?
Check this website first.
Tips to Help You Survive Air Travel
Learn how to help yourself.
Better Deer Control
The season is upon us.
Is Your Bike Spring Ready?
What to do before you ride.
QM2 World Cruise 2007 Journal
Life aboard the ocean liner.
Keeping Your Wine Fine
This little gadget helps.
Be Organized in 2007
Here's a sure fire way to help.
Gifts for Your Favorite Travelers
These clever items make traveling easier.
Use Fresh when Cooking
It really does make a difference.
Author Jeff Alt's Advice...
...on what to do after the Perfect Trip.
Traveling Trends for Baby Boomers
What travelers want.
Pack Light for Travel Ease
What's in Your Suitcase?
Clusty.com: A New Search Engine
Your search results are organized into clusters.
Recycling Old Computers, Etc.
Time to get rid of that old equipment.
Moleskine Notebooks
Notebooks designed for artists make you feel like one.
Louisiana on The Rebound
New Orleans and Shreveport after Katrina.
Job Burnout: Stay or Go?
If you are unhappy at work, read on for some good advice.
Career or Job?
Baby Boomers, here's help with both.
Cruisin' Central America
Multi-country cruise the trip of a lifetime for travel editor.
An Artful Life
Going back to school is something many Baby Boomers dream about.
Living Goal-less
Having goals is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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