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You know how it is. All work and no play make Baby Boomers dull. There's no denying our strong work ethic, but we are also all about having fun. Visit here often and you can kiss dullness - in work and play - good-bye.
Traveling Trends for Baby Boomers

The new website BabyBoomerTrips.com is dedicated to offering value to travel deals directed at the Baby Boomer generation. Since the launch of the site early this year, the owners have received thousands of email messages with comments about their site -- and traveling.

Here is a listing of what's important to us as we work on our travel plans:

1. Baby Boomers still love to find a good deal.

Baby Boomers do not like being taken for granted. You've probably seen numerous reports regarding the monetary strength of the Baby Boomer generation. As a result, vacation packagers have mainly focused on high end luxury trips, with very little discounting. The Baby Boomers who have written us have said that they want great value for their special trips, but know when they are being taken advantage of.

2. Baby Boomers are enjoying the attention.

We've received so many messages thanking us for putting together a resource for Baby Boomers. This goes against the popular theory that Baby Boomers are resentful of such websites. The majority of people we’ve chatted with are happy that they are being taken seriously, and that they have a place to go that is focused on their needs.

3. Baby Boomers are anxious to chat with others about issues important to them.

We've found that Baby Boomers love message boards! They are very open to chatting with others in this type of format, and really like to meet friends of similar interests who they can reminisce or chat with. They also like to help others, which goes against the popular theory that Baby Boomers are selfish.

4. Baby boomers ARE tech savvy.

We've received countless emails from Baby Boomers who love to book travel at all hours of the night. They love the convenience of the Internet, and they love the adventure of trying to find great deals for higher end trips. A relatively high percentage had high speed Internet, and some had other devices such as Blackberries. They are not opposed to taking on new technical challenges.


5. Baby Boomers feel forever young.

Most boomers feel like this is the beginning of a wonderful period in their life. They are concerned about health challenges ahead, but don't see deterioration as inevitable. We've talked with so many Baby Boomers who feel young, healthy, and vibrant.

6. Baby Boomers feel that they still have a lot to offer.

We've talked to some Baby Boomers who can only think of retirement, but many others feel that now is their time to make a difference. Many are thinking of volunteering, working another job just for fun, staying on with their current employer if they're happy, or even starting their own business. These entrepreneurs are anxious to take on projects that make a difference.

7. Baby Boomers want to be treated well.

Let's face it. Yyou've worked your whole life, raised your children, and now is your time. A majority of the Baby Boomers we've heard from want to be treated well. They're willing to pay for luxury items, but again, they still have to be of relatively good value.

8. Baby Boomers will pay for convenience.

While annoyed by ever-increasing fees and surcharges, the majority of Baby Boomers we heard from will generally pay them. This goes for ATM fees and bottled water, just to name a few.

9. Boomers shy away from organized tours.

Annoyed by waiting in lines, and being on someone else's schedule, the majority of Baby Boomers we heard from would like to stay far away from organized tours. They are independent people who want to explore on their own or with friends who have similar interests.

10. Baby Boomers like to take their time on vacation.

Most Baby Boomers we talked to are so tired of schedules and time constraints that they want to be pampered when on vacation. This is one major reason that they tend to favor quieter, more luxury-oriented resorts and hotels, as opposed to the roadside hotels that are packed with families. Their time is special, and they want each vacation to be relaxing and memorable.

For more information, visit http://www.BabyBoomerTrips.com.

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