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You know how it is. All work and no play make Baby Boomers dull. There's no denying our strong work ethic, but we are also all about having fun. Visit here often and you can kiss dullness - in work and play - good-bye.
Keeping Your Wine Fine

Following a suggestion from a family doctor that drinking a daily glass of red wine could help improve cholesterol readings, we promptly went out and got a few bottles. But it seems such a waste to open an entire bottle of wine for two small glasses.

Not to worry. My brother Darrell, owner of a wine import business, suggested that we get a Vacu vin Vacuum Wine Saver.

According to the website for the gadget, “the Wine Saver is a vacuum pump which extracts the air from the opened bottle and reseals it with a special reusable rubber stopper. This slows down the oxidation process so that you can enjoy your wine for a longer period of time. The bottle can be opened and resealed as many times as you like. As indispensable as a corkscrew!”

Darrell says “this device will keep the wine fresh for two to three days,” much better “than shoving the cork back into the bottle.”

Hmmm. That trick seemed to work just fine when we were in college, but then our tastes weren’t so refined, I suppose.

For more on the wine saver, visit http://www.vacuvin.nl/

By Teresa K. Flatley

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